To fit variegated needs that you can encounter developing a frontend application, BEdita comes with a series of callback methods that allow to find and handle data. Before having a look at this callbacks let's go to see what happens in a standard frontend flow.

note: the italic grey text parts referred to BEdita 3.1 version. In BEdita 3.0.x series is missing.

Frontend Application Flow

Supposing we have a BEdita publication reachable from and we want to see the contents of a section with nickname section-1, in browser address bar we'll write

Everything that doesn't start with pages is handled by route method that decide what to do. So if you have a custom method in Pages Controller you can call it in standard CakePHP mode

route method gets first parameters passed by URL (in our case section-1), check if it's a reserved word as defined in configuration files and eventually try to call method with that name. So you could put in your bedita-app/config/bedita.cfg.php the reserved word myCustomMethod

$config["cfgReservedWords"] = array("myCustomMethod");

and call directly

If none reserved word is found then BEdita consider the parameter a nickname, check if it corresponds to a section object or not and call respectively section method or content method. These two methods will load all section and contents data and set to view the array $section.

Finally the view is rendered.

Callback Methods

There are two (four in 3.1 release) main callbacks always called that can be used to insert logic before or after controller actions:

  • beforeCheckLogin (present from 3.1 release) called by FrontendController::initAttributes method is executed before check login operation is performed. It's useful if you want to skip the user check login operation for specific items setting to true the AppController::$skipCheck attribute. Note that the checkLogin method is called before beditaBeforeFilter.
  • beditaBeforeFilter called by AppController::beforeFilter method is executed before every action in the controller;
  • beditaBeforeRender called by AppController::beforeRender method is executed after controller action but before view is rendered.
  • beditaAfterFilter (present from 3.1 release) called by AppController::afterFilter method is executed after the render is done. It's the last thing made by controller.

In addition some specific callbacks are called if respective method exists. When a reserved word is found a callback [reservedWord]BeforeFilter (my_custom_methodBeforeFilter) is called before reservedWord method and another callback [reservedWord]BeforeRender (my_custom_methodBeforeRender) is called soon after reservedWord method.

Similar callbacks are handled in section method using the section (and content from 3.1 release) nickname replacing "-" with "_" in method name, i.e. [section-nickname]BeforeFilter (and [content-nickname]BeforeFilter from 3.1 release) and [section-nickname]BeforeRender (and [content-nickname]BeforeRender from 3.1 release). In our example the callbacks will be section_1BeforeFilter() and section_1BeforeRender().

So you can define these callback methods in Pages Controller to customize punctually the way to find results and manipulate the $section array before render view.

In particular the [section-nickname]BeforeFilter callback can be used to set parameters and class attributes to put the section method in the condition to find the expected result. For example changing the FrontendController::$sectionOptions attribute like you can see in the blog posts "Customizing Frontend Applications" part 1, 2 and 3 you can page sections' contents, group BEdita objects for type, etc... .

Instead the [section-nickname]BeforeRender callback usually can be used to manipulate the $section array that is setted in section method (you can find it in $this->viewVars["section"]).


The frontend flow of a section/content request can be summarized in this way:

  1. browser request
  2. call beforeCheckLogin method (from 3.1 BEdita version)
  3. call beditaBeforeFilter method
  4. routing section/content method through route method
  5. if exists call [section-nickname]BeforeFilter method
  6. if exists and content is requested call [content-nickname]BeforeFilter method (from 3.1 BEdita version)
  7. recover section and content data by nickname
  8. if exists call [section-nickname]BeforeRender method
  9. if exists and content is requested call [content-nickname]BeforeRender method (from 3.1 BEdita version)
  10. call beditaBeforeRender method
  11. render view
  12. call beditaAfterFilter method (from 3.1 BEdita version)