Command line tools are an important (and not well known) part of the BEdita framework.
There are many commands available to accomplish many tasks:

  • export or import a complete instance
  • send notification mails or newsletter
  • create a new BEdita instance
  • check instance status
  • remove cache and compiled templates

How do I use them?

There is a simple shell/batch script ( for Linux/Max/Unix cake.bat for Windows) to launch those tasks.
Point to the root BEdita directory with the command line where you have bedita-app, bedita-db, cake, vendors directories.

Under Linux or MacOSX (or other UNIX-like systems) type:

./ bedita help

Under Windows:

cake.bat bedita help

You will get some informations and usage hints regarding the main bedita script.
Now you can play with this script and discover what services it provides.


To name a few (without

  • bedita cleanup - cache and compiled templates cleanup
  • bedita export/import - exports or imports a complete BEdita instance
  • bedita modules - adds/removes instance modules
  • bedita checkApp - checks application status, missing config files, db connections, checks main URLs, paths and permissions on filesystem

Besides the main script (bedita) there are other BEdita shell tools available:

  • dbadmin: some methods to check/fix some db data, some to insert test objects
  • gettext: parses views/php files, extracts i18n entries and updates .po files (gettext format)
  • mail: sends notification mail and newsletters
  • migrate: data migration scripts from previous BEdita versions
  • newsletter: some newsletter related tools (data import)