Currently BEdita has not an automatic system to upgrade from a version to another but you can follow the steps below to upgrade BEdita 3.2 to BEdita 3.3.

  1. backup your old BEdita installation
  2. remove the old version of BEdita and extract the new version in the same folder
  3. restore from your BEdita backup bedita-app/config/database.php
  4. copy your backupped file bedita-app/config/core.php to bedita-app/config/core.php
  5. copy your backupped file bedita-app/config/bedita.cfg.php to bedita-app/config/bedita.cfg.php
  6. make sure that bedita-app/tmp (and subfolders) and mediaRoot are writable by web server
  7. execute the queries in:
    • bedita-app/config/sql/upgrade/1.3.2-to-3.3-schema.sql
  8. restore your frontends in frontends folder.