Core shell scripts available in BEdita

To call shell scripts point to bedita root folder (containing bedita-app, cake,...) and type:

./ [shell-script] [options] 

on *nix systems (Linux, MacOSX,...) or

cake.bat [shell-script] [options]

on windows

For example: ./ bedita cleanup - a common/quick way to remove compilations, cache, temporary files in general

To get all available shell scripts type:

./ help

To get help for a specific script type:

./ [shell-script] help

Core scripts

Here the main BEdita scripts

  1. bedita: general purpose main script, db operations, data import/export, modules enable/disable....
  2. addressbook: import/export addressobook items
  3. dbadmin: generic db operations
  4. gettext: create and merge gettext .po files (gettext php module is needed)
  5. mail: internal script to send newsletter/notifications - to use in cron jobs mainly
  6. newsletter: mass imports, mailgroup merge and other newsletter operations
  7. module: plug/unplug modules, generate schema for plugins - module plugins