Your application is not responding, you have a blank page, some elements are not displayed, page layout is broken, you get mysterious error messages.....but you don't know what's going wrong and how to fix it? Ok, don't panic :-)

Here a simple checklist in four steps to use in such situations:

  1. debug level - core.php - it's a common practice to set a debug level during development/testing of your application, you do so by setting Configure::write('debug', 1); in bedita-app/config/core.php in backend or in frontends/[frontend-name]/config/core.php in your specific [frontend-name] frontend. It may help: additional information should be displayed in your browser and in log files. Remember to remove debug level by setting Configure::write('debug', 0) for a production system.
  2. view BEdita log files - backend log files are in bedita-app/tmp/logs folder for backend and in frontends/[frontend-name]/tmp/logs for your [frontend-name] frontend. Look at error.log file first, then view debug.log
  3. view web servers log files - if you're using Apache usually these files are located in a common log directory for your web server, but you can specify other custom log directories for both backend and frontend. In typical Unix setup you may find these files in /var/log/apache2/ (without custom log directories). Read error.log first, then look at access.log.
  4. get online support - if the problem is still obscure, write to our google group to get support