As you may know BEdita uses standard CakePHP log files for its own logging system.

You have different sets of log files for your backend application and for every frontend application/site, namely:

  • in bedita/bedita-app/tmp/logs for backend error.log/debug.log files
  • in bedita/frontends/ for every frontend, where path will change (substitute with the actual frontend dir name), with usual error.log/debug.log files

To write in these log files use the $this->log() method inside every BEdita controller or model.

Here you will find, for example, exceptions related messages, such as stack traces, like:

2011-01-11 11:11:11 Error: BeditaException - Error: object type not found File: bedita-app/models/objects/b_e_object.php - line: 522 Trace:
#0 bedita-app/controllers/frontend_controller.php(1211): BEObject->getType(false)
#1 [internal function]: FrontendController->section('blog', 'img', 'loadingAnimatio...')
#2 bedita-app/controllers/frontend_controller.php(1382): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)

That refers to some unexpected error. You may inspect this log file to find possbile bugs or unwanted behaviours of your application. These log messages can be hard to understand but if you follow source files/line numbers you may find out what the problem is.

Typical messages are classic HTTP 404/500 error messages like

2010-12-13 18:47:21 Error:  500 Internal Error - missingTable: array (...)

Other log messages are definitely more cryptic/mysterious. For example this one that we were investigating these days:

2011-03-10 10:43:42 Error:  404 Not Found - missingController: array (
   'BEAuthUser' => ...
   'controller' => 'JsController',
   'controllerName' => 'Js',

Seems like an attempt to retrieve something through an URL like /js/... that is normally used for javascript files. This indicates that some of your javascript links are broken, you are probably linking to a missing js file. Same applies to css or image files, for which you will find a missing CssController o ImgController in your log files.

To easily find out which links are broken we suggest you to use a tool like Firebug: enable "Net" view and look for 404 errors in HTTP GET calls highlited in red. Look at the screenshots in this page for an example.