3.1.7 release -- 19-07-2012

User-visible changes:

  • view longer object titles in relations tab
  • Admin module bugfix - overload user data loading group details
  • ui: select category filter more generic not only for /index methods
  • used $view->action to build url in search form action
  • TinyMCE fix: do not strip empty anchor tags (aka placeholders)
  • modules: fix error 500 on "deleteSelected"
  • #316 use nicknames in backend view URLs
  • categories: alphabetic order in object list view
  • browser check update / smarty agent / form upload user agent filter
  • multimedia: fix object list in postgres, see #287 - already fixed in trunk
  • added mp4 streaming via flowplayer
  • thumb and embed code for multimedia video items
  • #280 - managed the removal of users which have created at least an object

Frontend changes:

  • FrontendController::rss() - make safe string for display as HTML inside using Sanitize::html()
  • #210 - fix section canonicalPath if trees.menu is undefined
  • #315 - fix meta description if no content selected [merge from trunk]
  • dummy.example.com - added form for password recovery
  • add "ObjectProperty" to default baseLevel binding

Developer-visibile changes:

  • bugfix - adding new item in multimedia module inserted a row in trees table also when no position was selected
  • added robots.txt and meta robots noindex, nofollow for backend interface
  • fix BuildFilter con custom table fields - accept values like 0, or '0' in conditions (i.e. Model.field = 0 should be a valid condition)
  • shell: dbadmin massRemove
  • add custom_property, date_item and count_relations filters to BuildFilter behavior
  • introudced the possibility to extend BuldFilter (used to build custom query) through other Behaviors
  • Added locales.php (back ported from 3.2-populus)
  • bootstrap - added addons/modules/behaviors path to app behaviors paths
  • fix belongsTo association between ObjectType and BEObject models
  • smarty modifier multibyte utf8
  • fixed Call-time pass-by-reference in BeLib::arrayValues() (deprecated)
  • Fix compatibility with PHP 5.4+ http://cakephp.lighthouseapp.com/projects/42648/tickets/2847-missing-compatibility-with-php-54-in-cakephp-12x
  • added jquery.color for handle RGBA transition where supported