3.1.5 release -- 05-03-2012

User-visible changes:
* Added SyntaxHighlighter plugin for TinyMCE
* Fixed Youtube embed code (Dropped oEmbed)
* #307

  • handle "inverse" relations in obj save and in obj view
  • delete inverse relations before insert
  • fix "inverse" relations priority
  • fixed PagesController::showObject() to get correctly objects in relations tab
  • PagesController::showObject() remove empty lines

* #308 view categories in alphabetical order
* added rights and notes field to searchFields index
* added categories for galleries

Frontend changes:

* #304 category 'off' should not be visible in frontend + tag [same issue]
* set parentAuthorized = authorized in FrontendController::setCanonicalPath() for publication to avoid warning in FrontendController::section() method

Developer-visibile changes:

* fix some errors on user creation and unitest
* shell: dbadmin rebuildIndex - check for bad obj types
* FrontendController::section() - load pathSection if it's not defined
* choice of which init file tinymce uses from config
* issue #4 googlecode - site.example.com - truncate title if it's over 20 characters
* issue #3 googlecode - site.example.com - set charset to utf-8
* issue #2 googlecode - wp.example.com - display video correctly
* issue #2 googlecode - site.example.com - display video correctly in gallery
* #274 frontend: generic /category method to load categorized objects - added category tpl to examples
* fix wrong img links in tiniMCE configuration files
* FrontendController - add setCanonicalPath in objects selected by tag or category and removed forced baseLevel for bindings
* FrontendController::loadObjectsByTagCategory() - add try catch block to avoid 404 error when get contents on draft branch tree
* BeFront::chooseTemplate() fix 'Check frontendMap currentContent nickname' when currentContent is populated but no content has been selected
* BeFront::chooseTemplate() fix 'object type template' choose  when currentContent is populated but no content has been selected
* moved tinyMCE code button in specific configuration file to activate in bedita.cfg
* plugins: use "hidden" attribute for obj relations
* models: add default "frontend" binding to BeditaObjectModel
* Added a dummy HTML5 fronted based on h5BP (http://html5boilerplate.com/)
* BEObject::beforeValidate() - check that property_type is not empty before check if its value is 'date' to format property_value to avoid warning
* ui: fix js bug - write open fieldset cookie only if "id" is set
* added RestClientModel + comments, svnkeywords, $camelize param to camelize or not array keys according to CakePHP Xml::toArray() method
* fix search bug: don't use "id" in order by!