3.1.1 release -- 01-02-2011

User-visible changes:
* added "create new object" button in publications module (tab content)
* #259 addressbook: newsletter subscription bug when a multiple newsletter list subscription is performed
* syntax correction in notify messages: default.msg.php
* fixed javascript error when no concurrent users are present
* newsletter: tinyMCE broken in template view. 'bedita' tinyMCE plugin for newsletter template restored
* locale: updated german (thanks to Nils-Christoph Fiedler)
* locale: translations updated
* add "title" as order filed in Tree::getAll, now publications are listed order by name
* newsletter: added images button in tinyMCE toolbar
* newsletter: improve performance in view mail groups

Frontend changes:
* notification improvement: changes in frontend apps show frontend url insetad of backend url
* merged all notifications messages: default.msg, local.msg and (in frontend) frontend.msg
* site.example.com bugfix: wrong variable name was used

Developer-visibile changes:
* Notify behavior attached to all BEdita objects
* field production_date bugfix (model Product)
* wqphpThumb class, solved wrong size calculation when using imagemagick (mode crop, "zoomcrop")
* added boolean option in bedita.ini to use or not imagemagick
* added method for custom notification and improved placeholder replacement with regexp in  notification messages
* added $config["langSystem"] to bedita.cfg to override bedita.ini default
* shell: in update function of gettext script added the creation of default.po file if doesn't exist
* fixed wrong query in Cateory::getTags() method
* BeThumb helper: set to true ignore aspect ratio in crop mode
* helper: fix url when get flowplayer.swf
* update sql data for upgrade (users.email=NULL WHERE email=''
* bedita objects dates aren't formatted if they are already in SQL format
* throw exception on wrong date format saving objects