3.1.rc release -- 20-08-2010

User-visible changes:
* backend main container expanded to 1024px, optimal resolution now is 1280x1024
* pagination in Publications section
* #180 - module Translations: order by translation status (and by BEObject.modified DESC), added object_type filter
* #248 fix "Category" filter bug
* renamed history to versions
* "No items found" - instead of "No {$moduleName} found"
* skip duplicate mail notifications
* #70 - disable mail notifications on autosave
* #255 - viewMailGroup - bulk list operations
* #232 - list invoice now contains newsletter already sent too. Added invoice detail with paginated mail jobs. Add filter on mail_jobs.status.
* bugfix: right file size uploading file

Frontend changes:
* fix missing LangText for stream-type objects
* BeFront helper: added menu method to build simple innested unordered list menu from tree
* homePage method used to load first active section as home page
* frontend examples: home page route rule changed
* wordpress default theme sample

Developer-visibile changes:
* #103 - helper method and many adjustament to map database fields to module label
* #248 [postgres] fix findObjects - not extending Content (e.g. cards)
* object relations - extend method to support bidirectional relations
* fix bedita cleanup on frontends
* bugfix on be_auth
* #223 - license types in bedita.ini/cfg
* show translation percentage/status in gettext update
* i18n update
* #255 - addeded javascript validation on email and title fields for newsletter message view, added sender_name fields on db and handle it from be_mail component