3.1.beta release -- 09-07-2010

User-visible changes:
* #103 - fix revisions on multiple objects save, curr revision, tot revision number, user data in template
* #103 - fix revisions page link - added version info in revision.tpl
* #240 - "tree" attribute for objects that should be on tree
* #181 - alert on change unsaved pages
* #230 - bulk operations on selected objects: no submit when no check is selected, copy / category, section / category
* #240 - publish button added when status is 'draft': set 'ON' status object and save
* fixed empty object list click
* bugfix: user not valid have not to log in
* bugfix: clone button (on confirm, pressing "cancel": anyway following submit was clone...)
* bug fix: loading non multimedia objects in multimedia module throw exception
* #248 fix group module permissions, stats, tags, translations (partial), fix section delete
* no more shadow with img background in tabs
* saved notify defualt options form configuration when an user is created

Frontend changes:
* frontend bugfix: in bedita.cfg.php define $config = array() only if it's not already setted
* fix notification on comment save

Developer-visibile changes:
* removed jquery/jquery.treeview.js inclusion
* #249 - bad table/column names - dbadmin shell script method
* #249 - shell checkDbNames - use schema file or db connection directly (default)
* config: portable/working default media root
* #238 - shell: rebuildIndex call checkConsistency method if errors occures
* #249 - renamed fields that were keywords for some db
* #250 - custom properties for users
* mail support sent as mail job
* upgrade phpthumb to 1.7.9
* bug fix: fix json object returned in upload ajax and by url for compatibility with jquery 1.4
* #252 - BeSchema db schema handling class
* #252 - plugin schema handling: complete plug and unplug (shell script to generete schema files, small fixes), clear cache after module plug/unplug
* set primary key  to object_properties.id and user_properties.id
* #249 - partial postgres support, export/import available in postgres
* permission modules optimization
* bugfix: plugin objectTypes configuration was overwrited for any plugin module
* add plugin model path to plugin install procedure
* #248 unofficial sqlite3 driver, add sequence check to db shell scripts, fix postgres schema - use serial (autoincrement) only if needed
* method to create obj relations directly
* shell dbadmin: driver detail
* #225 - configurable password validation rule via regexp