We released today the new stable version of BEdita 3.5.1 corylus*.

This is the first bugfix release of 3.5 series . Due to fixes some security issues all users are using 3.5.0 should upgrade to this last stable version.

Here's a brief list of main changes:

  • security: improved protection against XSS and CSRF attacks (#591#597)
  • when a new user is created a Card is automatically associated to him
  • in frontends if a file named home_page.tpl exists in views/pages/ it will be used as home page template
  • introduced a first version of data structure for export/import data in BEdita (early preview available by shell for now)
  • fix many bugs

Check out BEdita on Github for more informations.
All changes in the changelog.

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(*) “corylus” is a genus of deciduous trees and large shrubs native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere.