We released today the new stable version of BEdita 3.4.0 corylus*.

This new 3.4 series fixes many bugs and introduces new features and improvements, mainly on the backend side.

Here's a brief list of the most notable changes:

  • Object detail presents a tab for every object semantic relation
  • Handle in UI multiple options for relations properties
  • Quick item creation in dashboard and modules
  • Multimedia upload upgrade
  • Publications' trees are now loaded via ajax
  • Persistent checked items in modal window
  • Filtering objects in index view and new filters
  • Events: create a new calendar view
  • Filter by relation and custom property in modules
  • Implemented OAuth authentication for Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Dashboard restyling

Check out BEdita on Github for more informations.
All changes in the changelog.

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(*) “corylus” is a genus of deciduous trees and large shrubs native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere.